Teens in Asia Have Started Using the "Selfie Stick" to Capture the Perfect Photo of Themselves

Their selfie game is on point.

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How far would you go to capture the perfect selfie? Sure, they're pretty easy to take, requiring nothing more than the click of a button. Sometimes, however, it can be tricky trying to squeeze you and all your friends into the frame of the photo. As a way around this dilemma, teens in Asia have started using something called the selfie stick, which is exactly what it sounds like.

The selfie stick, which has become a thing in places like Indonesia, consists of a handle on the one end, and a clamp on the other. After securing your smart phone to the monopod, you can set your camera's timer, raise the device a couple feet in the air, and capture a photo of you and your friends making duck faces and cheesing. Afterwards, the selfie stick can be collapsed into the handle and made into a portable contraption.

“We use social media all the time,” 20-year-old Indonesian Soulaya Lestary told Huffington Post. “And because we’re shy to ask someone, ‘Please take picture of us,’ it’s easier to do it ourselves.”

Though it can be awkward asking strangers to take your photo, a selfie stick seems somewhat extreme.

“Actually, we’re so surprised it’s not famous in your place,” Lestary added, referring to the United States.

Who knows, though? Maybe soon it will become a trend outside of Asia.

[via HuffPost]

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