Nick Knight Interviews Famous Fashion Models About Posing For Artists and Photographers

The fashion photographer sits down with high-profile models to talk about their past work.

Image via It's Nice That

When seen on the cover of fashion magazines and clothed in gowns by Alexander McQueen and all the other brands we can't afford, supermodels sometimes don't seem human to us. That's why it's fascinating to hear models such as Alek Wek and Lily Cole discuss their photo shoots with renowned photographers Herb Ritts and the ever so controversial Terry Richardson, among others. 

Influential fashion photographerNick Knight (who, as you may already know, directed Kanye West's "Bound 2" music video) allows us a closer look at some of the world's most famous models with his series of fashion films entitled Subjective. In these videos, he sits down with the high-profile women to talk about how they felt during their now famous shoots and all the smaller, little-known details. He even gets the typically quiet Kate Moss to open up about posing for Corinne Day and artist Lucian Freud

It's an interesting series because for once, we hear from those before the camera; and for a split second, these muses actually seem a little more like us too. Check some of them out below, and click through to SHOWstudio to see the others.

[via ItsNiceThat]

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