Invader Immortalizes Flappy Bird for His 1088th Piece in Paris

Gamers everywhere are now experiencing major PTSD.

Image via Street Art News

Last spotted in Hong Kong, Space Invader's 8-bit video game recreations returned to the streets of Paris over the weekend. This time, the French street artist's invasion takes the form of Flappy Bird, a highly addictive and infuriating video game that took over everyone's iOS devices earlier this year. 

As you may have heard, Flappy Bird's developer Dong Nguyen pulled the game from mobile stores in early February to save the world from video game addiction and to spare those who hadn't yet opened pandora's box. For some people, Invader's latest work may only elicit haunting memories of green pipes, top scores, and crushed hopes. Regardless, the French artist's mosaic is a delightful tribute to the now recalled game. Located on 81 Rue De La Boetie, it also marks Invader's 1088th piece in Paris.

Watch a video of Invader unveiling the infamous yellow bird below:

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