Heidi Klum Is Selling Her Swanky L.A. Estate for $25 Million

Heidi Klum's old home in Los Angeles is now available for anyone who has $25 million.

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There are a lot of things you could do with $25 million. You could invest in a piece of art (but probably not a Jeff Koons), travel the world, go to school... Or you could drop all your money on the Brentwood Country estate Heidi Klum just put on the market. 

If real estate isn't your thing, you might re-consider once you find out what the eight-bedroom Los Angeles home includes. Back in 2010, the model and her then-husband Seal purchased the mansion for $14.2 million. For six months, the couple remodeled the home and customized it with "secret" rose gardens, an infinity pool, a koi pond, a fancy wine vault, and a fireplace from Napoleon's farmhouse. It also sits on about 8.5 acres of land, complete with its own hiking trails.

Curbed L.A. called the mansion a "faux-Euro estate home" because of how much it reminds Klum of Europe. "I honestly felt that I was no longer in Los Angeles but instead was strolling the gardens of a home in the south of France," Klum said of her old home.

So, any takers? 

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