COST, ENX, Invader, and Anthony Lister Join Forces to Strike Paris Streets

The four street artists team up to cover the city of Paris in their signature works.

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Citizens of Paris, be on the lookout. Legendary street artists COST, ENX, Space Invader, and Anthony Lister (who has also opened his own solo exhibitions) recently teamed up to cover the walls of the French capital in their signature works. 

COST posted an announcement of the collaboration on Instagram just a day ago. "4 HEADED MONSTER? - Enx, Invader and Lister mapping out a plan of attack to kill the city - and yours truly on the camera playing photographer...oui oui Paris!" his caption reads.

Some of the four artists have even shared a picture of their first "attack." It consists of COST and ENX's recognizable stickers, Invader's mosaics, and a number from Lister. Hopefully more collaborative walls will surface soon.

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