Before You Visit "Post-Psychedelic Dreams," Get to Know Curator Kyle DeWoody

Kyle DeWoody curated an exhibition of works which will take place at a space in East Hampton.

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Here's someone you should familiarize yourself with: Kyle DeWoody, the 29-year-old co-founder of Grey Area boutique and curator who recently landed profiles in The New York Times and Vanity Fair. Daughter of artist James DeWoody and philanthropist-arts patron Beth Rudin DeWoody, the young arts enthusiast and entrepreneur had always known that she would end up in a career related to art. “Well, you can’t un-drink the Kool-Aid,” she told Vanity Fair, recalling all of the museum tours and studio visits from her childhood.

DeWoody currently lives in Brooklyn's Fort Greene neighborhood, where she has turned the first floor of her apartment into Grey Area, a gallery space and shop she founded in 2011 with her business partner, Manish Vora. Some of her most popular products include "Fake Roley," a bracelet designed to look like a Rolex watch by Shelter Serra, nephew of Richard Serra. DeWoody, herself, has created yoga mats with the likes of artists Wim Delvoye and Kon Trubkovich. She presented them at last year's Art Basel Miami. However, creating art and running the boutique aren't the only things DeWoody does. For months, she's been curating a group exhibition, which opens this Saturday.

Instead of presenting "Post-Psychedelic Dreams" inside her Brooklyn apartment building, DeWoody has set up a pop-up gallery at the Glenn Horowitz Bookseller space in East Hampton. It will feature artists Maurice Carlin, Peter Dayton, Adam Henry, Matt Jones, Nicolas Pilato, Holton Rower, Esther Ruiz, Ben WeinerDustin Yeller and designers Amma Studio, Cherl Ekstrom, and Cecile Zu Hohenlohe. Although we don't have many photos of the art, judging from DeWoody's photo on Insta, it's a show worth visiting. 

"Post-Psychedelic Dreams" opens July 5 and runs through July 21, 2014. 

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