Chrome United by Azzaro is a Cologne That Actually Lasts All Day Long

Smell good from morning to night with this new fragrance.

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Wearing cologne is trickier than you think. Overspraying skin in your l'eau of choice will kill all of nature's flora and fauna everytime you pass by, but spritzing just once means your scent will fade by lunch time. So then, what to do? It's time to find a better quality product, duh.

Chrome United by Azzaro is a new men's fragrance that launched this month and it's made to last all day long. Check it—a typical fragrance releases different top notes, middle notes, and base notes as it evaporates, which means it changes throughout the day. But what's awesome about Chrome United is that it's not typical—it's linear. That means the way it smells in the morning is the same exact way it smells at night. Science!

Plus, we smelled it ourselves and it's the perfect fragrance to take you from summer, to that weird in-between season, to fall. Key notes of bergamot, coriander, Ceylon black tea, and cedar wood make it a fresh, yet masculine and woody—just what the ladies like.

Grab a bottle for $56-$76 at Macy's now. 

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