Zayn Malik Regularly Graffitis His Own House

Zayn Tells Billboard That He Regularly Graffitis His Own House

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We love celebrity houses. It's always great to see how the other, supremely famous and incredibly wealthy half live their lives. And if you're former One Direction member Zayn Malik, you live your life by spraying graffiti all over your multimillion dollar Los Angeles mansion.

After offering up some tidbits about his new sound, the recently solo singer told Billboard for their latest cover story that he has a habit of tagging the walls of the home where he's lived since September of last year. “I like to graffiti my house,” he said. “There are these walls that look white from one side, but when you walk up the stairs, the inside is all graffiti. I painted ‘Fresh Prince’ on one.” (No word yet on whether his parents do or do not understand.)

This is not a new habit for Zayn, who admits to "tagging ‘F--- this life’ on a wall” of his English country home while drunk and angry one evening. Thankfully for whoever moves in next—​and for rumored girlfriend Gigi Hadid, who may or may not be apartment hunting with Malik in New York—he now says he channels his frustration into studio sessions and recreational "creative weed smoking."

And lest you think all the fun was kept inside the house, fear not. "The garden goes up three stories into the mountain," he told Billboard. He's also thinking of installing "an obstacle course or skate park” back there, despite once breaking his ankle skating with fellow graffiti enthusiast Justin Bieber. Here's hoping that he also imports the tepee he casually mentions having in the backyard of his UK home.

Can we bring back MTV Cribs now, please?

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