Levi's Turns An Entire Football Field Into "Field Of Jeans" To Promote Recycling

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Levi's has the naming rights to the San Francisco 49ers' new stadium and in and effort to continuing spouting the gospel of Levi's and denim in general, the brand took to the gridiron and covered entire field with more than 18,000 pairs of jeans, turning a football field into an indigo field of denim. Gathered from donations made by Bay Area residents to their local Goodwill, Levi's spent 16 hours arranging the denim from dark to light wash, covering all 100 yards and leaving a big ol' recycling symbol smack dab in the middle. From the darkest raw and black jeans at one end, to some destroyed dad jeans at the other, this "Field of Jeans" aims to make us less wasteful with our denim: wash them less, wash them cold, hang dry them and, when you're done with 'em, donate. So, if you have a pair of light wash, slim fit jeans with a little distressing in a size 32/34, please give them to me first.


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