You Can Wear Kurt Cobain's Suicide Note If You're A Dick

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In the latest line of super great ideas to put on clothing comes this revelation: screen-printing the suicide note of one of the '90s most influential and revered singer-songwriters on a T-shirt. The shirt originally surfaced on Etsy but was taken down after feedback from users. Unfortunately, the shirt is still available on eBay for $25.19. There aren't many other details on the page to provide any context aside from measurements and sizing information, but the title says pretty much all you need to know: "Kurt Cobain Suicide Letter Nirvana Baseball Men Women 3/4 Long Sleeve T Shirt."

I don't know where society went wrong that this sort of thing always happens. I'm not even a huge Nirvana fan, but come on. This shit doesn't need to be happening. Cobain has inspired generations of musicians since his death and maybe we should just leave it at that. Profiting off his death is kinda counter-intuitive to that whole resting in peace thing.

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