Common Projects Does Dots On Its Classic Sneaker For Barneys

The New York sneaker brand does dots.

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Complex Original

Image via Complex Original

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Two titans of industry come together in Common Projects and Barneys for the last "XO" collaboration of the year. This time, CP threw some dots on its now legitimately famous Achilles. But they didn't just get out the stencil and spray paint for this. No, that would be too lazy for them. Instead, they actually had the top layer of leather perforated and dropped the second contrast layer of canvas underneath. The result is, at the very minimum, an interesting shoe. While the white men's version comes with a black contrasting Margom sole, you may be more interested in the women's version, which sticks with a standard white version for a little less visual brashness. If you're moonlighting in an emo band, the black and red may be up your alley instead. Hopefully you've nailed the riffs on "Helena" by now after your mom got you that guitar for Christmas three years ago. Why you would be playing mid-00s emo, I'm not sure, but you do you. You can pick the men's version up here

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