A$AP Rocky Models For Ferragamo

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A$AP Rocky kinda seems to have taken those Kanye rumors as bond and just quit rapping to focus solely on his fashion influence, which, at this point, has become pretty fucking big. Rocky single-handedly got fuccbois around the globe to burn their HBA and Been Trill gear when he denounced them on "Multiply" a couple months ago and now he's going full high-end with Salvatore Ferragamo, modeling for their "A Man's Story" series that profiles some well known dudes who also happen to be into men's fashion and have good personal style. Rocky's segment has him frolicking along the beach in some dope designer goods, while reminiscing about his first real live performance a couple of years ago at ALIFE in NYC. It's all wistful and charming and shit, which makes it pretty tough to throw any shade Flacko's way. And, damn, is that frustrating. But maybe, just maybe, we'll start seeing Cool Teens™ trade in their crusty HBA bedsheets for some Ferragamo. Now that would be interesting.

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