A$AP Nast Fires Shots At Travi$ Scott's Style; Starts First Ever Rap Beef About Stone Island

Is this the first time any rapper has beefed about Stone Island?

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Ever the rabble rouser, A$AP Nast took to Instagram to post a flurry of videos and photos calling out Travis Scott and his style, saying that he's jacking A$AP mob's style and needs "to find his own." Over the course of seven different videos and five photos (at the time we posted this), Nast repeatedly says he doesn't want any beef with Travis because he's actually a fan of his music, all the while saying that Travis doesn't have his own style. Those five photos he posted were all re-upped from previous posts that focused on Stone Island, essentially asking "Where were you when I was rocking Stone Island in the past?" Which leads us to ask, is this the first rap beef ever that centers around the Italian brand? 

In between sips from a jug of Hawaiian Punch, Nast admits that he isn't the first person to ever wear Stone Island (obviously), but that the only rappers wearing Stone Island before him were in London and Paris, and he salutes them. But, he also stakes his claim that he was the first East Coast rapper who anyone cared about to wear the label. How true that is exactly, we're not sure. Nast also calls back to the days a few years ago when people called Rocky, Nast and the rest of A$AP "weirdos" for being into fashion. If nothing else, it's a pretty entertaining diatribe. 

Catch his first video below and the rest of it over on Nast's Instagram page...assuming that he leaves it up long enough for you to see it. 

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