Here Are The Best Self-Care Gifts To Kick Back & Relax This Holiday Season

Let's slide into this holiday season setting a great vibe with these self-care gifts.

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As the holiday season starts to unfold and the year closes, it becomes vitally important to relax and celebrate yourself. Kicking back at home with your favorite drink of choice, in only the coziest of loungewear is one of the easiest ways to find some “me time.” 

Complex has rounded up a gift guide that features the best in snacks, candles, loungewear and more that help set this perfect scene for the holidays.

Martell Blue Swift

Cost: $60

Martell Blue Swift, an impressive cognac VSOP finished in bourbon barrels, perfectly sets the scene for a great night in. The full-bodied blend of candied fruit and ginger, centered by the oak of the barrels makes Martell Blue Swift a smooth-tasting addition to any home bar.

After Dark Luxury Candle

Cost: $48

Aromas are important for relaxation; the right scent can change everything. Harlem Candle Company has this down to a science, as their After Dark Luxury Candle is perfect for any holiday home. Swirling with hints of bergamot then later giving way to oak, oud and Moroccan cedar, the After Dark candle speaks to the kind of person who would see out Martell Blue Swift. 

Cairo Terry Robe

Cost: $275

Few things are more key to the kicking it at home experience than your choice in attire. Houswear, at its best, is comfy, warm and fashionable. Luckily, Matouk understands that well, judging by their cotton terry knit Cairo Terry Robe. Laying back on the couch with a glass of Martell Swift, mixed, on the rocks or straight, while wearing a Cairo Terry Robe? A night couldn’t be any better.

Mosaic Throw Blanket

Cost: $1750

Watching TV with a throw blanket is one of the best at home experiences out there; that level of comfort is second to none. Saved NY’s Mosaic Throw Blanket fits any vibe, thanks to it’s stylish look and high-level craftsmanship. The blanket is made of Mongolian cashmere, and it’s half-pound weight ensures that it’s just warm enough without being overbearing. Striking the perfect balance is a key component of Martell Blue Swift, and Saved NY’s Mosaic Throw Blanket just makes the moment sweeter.

The Essential Cashmere Socks

Cost: $85

The right pair of socks changes everything, as anyone who has owned a perfect pair would tell you. NAADAM’s The Essential Cashmere Socks fit the bill, a product of Mongolian Cashmere and true care. Soft to the touch and mid-calf length, these socks are great for a night of movie watching, with a glass of Martell Swift adding to the great vibes of the night.

Signature 24 Piece Chocolate Gift Box

Cost: $119

Who doesn’t love snacks? Phillip Ashley Chocolates has a little something for everyone in their Signature 24 Piece chocolate gift box. Using globally-sourced ingredients and high quality chocolate, the included menu will serve as your guide though which is sure to be a great experience.

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