Lil' Wayne Wears Vans Snowboard Boots to Lakers Game

Weezy's crazy footwear game gets crazier.

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No stranger to weirdo clothing choices, Lil' Wayne's drippy green Forfex moon boots in the video for Drake's new single, "The Motto", caused quite a commotion among the Internet's armchair style mavens last week.

Well, apparently those shitkickers weren't quite big enough for Weezy, because yesterday he was caught courtside for the Lakers/Bulls game at the Staples Center rocking snowboard boots. Yes, snowboard boots. We spotted him chopping it up with Kanye on the court, and upon further inspection, have identified Wayne's footwear as the Vans x Celtek Hi Standard Snowboard Boots. You can cop a pair yourself for $170, but we don't recommend wearing them off the slopes.

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