Mountain Dew Turned ComplexCon into a Surreal Camo-Printed Dreamscape

Wearable tech, augmented reality, DJ mixes, and art installations document camo’s varying functions in the field and as fashion.

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Camo has come a long way. What once was only used to camouflage oneself within green and muddy landscapes is now just as prevalent as a stark contrast against a slate cityscape. At our inaugural ComplexCon, Mountain Dew is presenting an interactive art and fashion experience that documents camo’s role in the past, its subversion in the present, and its untold future in their exhibit The Camo Collective and with their wearable tech clothing line Camo Out.

The Camo Collective is an immersive art experience which includes works by artists Damien Gilley and graffiti legend Stash that demonstrate the prints concealing properties as well as its aesthetic appeal in a crazy new space. The space, presented by Dotdotdash, is an interactive augmented reality experience using mirrors and holograms to map patterns, immersing ComplexCon attendees within a virtual music video wearing four brand new Camo Out wearable tech pieces, co-presented by V-Files. 

Check out the video above, as Complex News anchor Nadeska Alexis connects with Dotdotdash and films her own virtual music video.


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