How Much Did Merch Help Propel Travis Scott’s 'Utopia' to Number One?

Travis Scott landed his third number one album with Utopia selling 496,000 units in its first week. How much did his merch bundles help? Here are the numbers.

Alexander Tamargo / Getty Images for E11EVEN

Travis Scott officially landed his third number one album yesterday with Utopia selling 496,000 equivalent album units. That total makes it the highest hip-hop debut of 2023. 

While the album obviously streamed well, all 19 tracks charted on the Hot 100 including the Drake-assisted “Meltdown,” which debuted the highest at number 3, you know Travis Scott also made sure to drop off a ton of merch bundles for his fans to celebrate. If you’ve been keeping track throughout his career, the merch is a big part of the experience. And it has many purposes. Fans receive memorabilia and Scott gets some help on the Billboard charts.

But didn’t Billboard stop counting merch packs? Well, they did, but as of May 2023 the rules were tweaked once again, meaning Utopia arrived at the perfect time. Get some more details on how much Utopia merch helped propel the album to the number one spot, below. 

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