It’s Gotta Be the Clothes: Linking James Harden’s Wild Tunnel Outfits to His Stellar Play

Are James Harden's wild outfits in the pregame tunnel the precursor to a big game and a Sixers win? We looked at some of his most unorthodox choices this season to find out.

Brian Babineau / NBAE via Getty Images

Basketball fans are familiar with Hoodie Melo. They’ve heard of Untucked Kyrie. But in recent weeks, it seems like a new unbeatable force has entered the NBA world, Wild Outfit James Harden. 

Whether you are a sports fan that has been tapped in with the NBA Playoffs or not, chances are you have seen one of Harden’s crazy ensembles while scrolling through your timeline over the past few days. There were his Cookie Monster pants by Marni on May 1. Ahead of Sunday’s game, he opted for something a little more tame (in comparison to the first outfit) and showed up to the Wells Fargo Center in some Rick Owens black capri shorts and a furry black bucket hat made by Aaron Babylon’s A Universe that’s inscribed with “WAR”.

Seeing some outlandish outfits in the NBA pregame tunnel isn’t a new phenomenon. Harden has been doing it for years. But (superstitious?) Sixers fans have picked up on something. When Harden shows up in one of these unconventional fits, he has an elite game. These two outfits resulted in 45 and 42-point performances, respectively, that each led to a Sixers victory. 

As a Sixers fan myself, I wanted to explore the possibility that Harden's questionable tunnel fits may actually be giving him some type of NBA Street Gamebreaker-like boost on the basketball court. Check out some craziest outfits from this past season, and what results they led to for the Sixers, below.

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