Canada Goose x Eepmon's New Synthesis Parka Puts Artistry on Your Back

The Canadian artist puts surprising details on a winter classic.

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When Canada Goose looked for a new artist with whom to collaborate, the outerwear company sought out someone who could produce a modern take on their more traditional jacket design.

According to VP of Design and Merchandising Spencer Orr, that criteria alone rendered up-and-coming Canadian artist Eric Chan (aka Eepmon) a "perfect match."

The brand known by its trademark Arctic Disc emblem has released initial glimpses of the effort, which seems like a standard Canada Goose jawn at first glance: black parka with a two-way adjustable fur hood (hand-dyed with that blue streak though), and snap pockets. But the lining is another story entirely - multicolored imagery of Canadian culture and the country's historical narrative takes the form of lions, geese, golden crowns and maple leaves, naturally. 

"There are motifs throughout the work that also reference my Asian heritage," Chan told Canada Goose's blog. "For example, in Asian paintings it is common to see nine carp or koi fish...In this case, the carp is represented by Canadian Geese." 

"The goal was to develop a piece of wearable art, and that's exactly what it is," Orr added.

The jacket drops Saturday, November 30th in limited numbers. You can pick up this piece at New York's Rime, Boston's The Tannery, or Colette, in Paris. 


[via Canada Goose]

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