Warby Parker Donates to Charity With New Frames

Look fly and feel good.

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Warby Parker has to be the coolest eyewear brand. Not only does the brand make affordable options that are super stylish and will ship you five pairs of glasses to figure out which ones you'd like to keep, but it is giving back to charity.

Its latest initiative with DonorsChoose.Org, an organization that allows philanthropists to choose which school projects they want to give money to, is donating $30 per pair of its new collaborative glasses to the school of the buyer's choice.

The glasses are called "The Gardner" and are a new take on the brand's Winston frames that feature a schoolbus-yellow ring around the frames to celebrate the school initative. 

Also, every pair purchased gives a pair of glasses to someone who really needs them. This is a win-win-win situation. Where's DJ Khaled?

The glasses will become available at the brand's website on July 25.

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