Thom Browne Explains What Goes Into His Crazy Runway Shows

His fall/winter 2013 collection had a lot of influence from where he grew up.

Every Thom Browne runway show is a guessing game of what the hell he is going to send down the line. For his fall/winter 2013 show, the designer was inspired by Amish barn raising and the uniform-like nature of the culture's dress. To get a further scoop on what goes into Browne's thought process, Dazed Digitalinterviewed him and was privy to the designer's precise vision, and it's actually why his shows are always so oddball.

"Yes, it definitely is attached to tailoring but it’s also attached to so much more. I love the idea of things being strict and things being uniform," Browne said. "That’s the reason why I surround each collection with humor or irony. I want to make sure that it’s not too serious and that there is some element that throws it off because otherwise that would make it really boring. There’s always a story that’s somewhat fantastical. I think it makes the uniformity of it all far more interesting."

Browne currently put together an installation at London's Dover Street Market, and explained how it was inspired by his fall/winter 2013 show. "Well, the non-literal reference is based on Amish barn raising," Browne said. "I’m not Amish, but I grew up in that same area of Pennsylvania and became very attracted to the inherent strictness and uniformity of that community."

Still, Browne likes to kick back, too. When asked what he drinks at the shows, he quickly answered, "Champagne."

[via Dazed Digital]

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