Your Favorite Menswear Designers Give Advice on How to Dress for the Heat

Find out how Thom Browne, Billy Reid, Todd Snyder, and Michael Bastian dress when its 90 degrees outside.

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Planning for a summer day where the temperature skyrockets north of 90 degrees is taxing enough on an individual, let alone making an attempt to look stylish in the heat, too. Throw in the fact you're a #menswear bro, and things get even more complicated.

If you thought you were the only person who dealt with this dilemmas, you're wrong: Your favorite designers get stuck in the same predictament, according to The New York Times. The paper interviewedThom Browne, Todd Snyder, Michael Bastian, and Billy Reid ti rack their expertise on how to dress during the hottest months of the year.

Surprisingly, the #menswear gods don't like to change their style too much once it gets hot—instead, they'd prefer slight tweaks to their current wardrobe: whether it's Bastian forgoing an undershirt or Snyder swearing off shorts but wearing a T-shirt, they make due while remaining their well-dressed selves. Or, if you're like Browne, the "uniform doesn't change," he just mans-up and deals with the heat.

If you're like us, and are looking for a practical, non-swampass-inducing way to beat the heat, listen to Billy Reid, whose Alabama roots give him much credence in this discussion. For him, he wears loose-fitting, Irish linen shirts with monk-strap shoes sans socks. if none of this advice works for you, check out our tips on how to stay crispy this time of year.

[via The New York Times]

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