The Story Behind the Stutterheim Rain Jacket Kanye West Wore

The jacket came out of necessity.

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Not too long ago, we saw Kanye West in a fresh, black Stutterheim rain jacket, and we thought it was awesome because it was something most people could afford (if you save up a bit). Until now, we didn't know too much about the Swedish brand, but Jay-Z's Life + Times reached out to Alexander Stutterheim and found out how he got into the garment business.

As luck would have it, Stutterheim was walking to a meeting for his job and got caught in a rain storm. His umbrella broke, and he was forced to wear a Gore-Tex jacket that made him look like a lost golfer. In turn, he found one of his grandfather's raincoats from the '60s and improved on the design.

It's funny how great design can come out of necessity and the want to improve on something that is lacking. To find out other details on how Stutterheim started his career, click here to read the complete interview.

[via Life + Times]

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