Shots Fired: Stubbs & Wootton Calls Out Del Toro for Similar Design

Pop pop, go the e-bullets.

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Remember the first day of every semester when the professor would hand out the syllabus and go over academic integrity? Well, that principle is being questioned in the fashion industry also. Miami-based Stubbs & Wootton has called out another local Miami brand—Del Toro—on copying one half of its"Boom! Pow!" loafers. The "Pow!" half.

The drama all started when Del Toro posted an Instagram of its "exclusive" "POW" slippers. Stubbs & Wootton took offense to the exclusivity of the slipper in question, and decided to fire e-shots via its Facebook account. The response was a letter written on behalf of Stubbs & Wootton directed to Del Toro.

"Dear Del Toro Shoes,

FYI...If you copy someone....try to improve upon their talent, not insult yourself. What is exclusive about plagiarism?


Stubbs & Wootton"

However, Del Toro owner Matthew Chevallard has fired back at Stubbs & Wootton stating,"Haahha someone is a bit childish. Stubbs lashing out at our Lichtenstein inspired slipper. Almost as funny as when they posted Chris Bosh wearing DT championship slippers claiming they were Stubbs. Dear Stubbs grow up , xoxo DT."

Who knew that the slipper business could cause such dilemmas? While we know that fashion is cyclical, and most ideas end up copied anyways—these are serious allegations. For the consumers' sake, hopefully both parties can reach an amicable agreement and continue to drop heat for your feet.

[via Facebook]

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