Public School's Fall/Winter 2013 Collection Is a Cheat Code to Looking Cool

Also, why the brand's collection turns you into your personal style superhero.

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Public School's fall/winter 2013 showing at New York Fashion Week established the brand not only as a serious contender in the style world, but as an original voice that we wanted to hear more from. As the runway shows have come and past, we wondered how the brand's collection would fair. Now that a few months have gone by, the Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne-designed cold weather collection has received a proper editorial love. This showing of the brand's leather jackets, ombre shirts, mixed-material garments, and Gothic suiting might appear intimidating from a first glance, but if you're trying to search for your personal style, this might be the easiest way to translate a different aesthetic. You won't be categorized as a #menswear bro or even as a street goth, although the collection is similar to both style lumps. Consider this a cheat code to dressing like the Internet version of yourself without looking ridiculous. Thank us later.

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