Katie Eary's Spring/Summer 2014 Collection Looks Like Your Grandma's Awesome Lawn

If you ever wanted to go head-to-toe flamingo, here's your chance.

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Dressing like a flamingo is all the rage right now. Wait, it isn't? Well, it's about to be if people continue to dig Katie Eary's loud designs. We've seen an old couple dress in matching flamingo ensembles, but this is for the younger generation.

The designer's collection for spring/summer 2014 is more than just all-flamingo-print-everything, but those pink bird prints are definitely a highlight. The Florida-ready collection also uses leopard prints, making it the most animal kingdom-obsessed collection we've seen for the season so far.

We imagine it's hard to wear any piece of this collection with out getting noticed, but that's the whole point of London fashion, right?

2014 looks like it will be a year of prints. Check out some of Eary's designs above and get ready to start a conversation without even talking next year.

[via High Snobiety]

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