By no means do we ever advise couples to walk around wearing the same thing—that's certified cornball-status. But, if you're going to rage against the tide and decide to match ensembles, you need to take a few pointers from Donald and Nancy Featherstone.

The couple has been wearing identical (or at least complementing) outfits for the past 35 years. However, their matchy-matchy wardrobe isn't filled with boring, plain T-shirts or the same sneakers; this couple has a taste for everything bold and printed. Mr. Featherstone is the inventor of plastic lawn flamingos and his profession has translated over to the couple's personal style. The Featherstones permanently look like the type of senior citizens who fly from New Jersey to Florida every winter.

The whole thing started when Mrs. Featherstone decided to make Donald a couple custom shirts. She then used the leftover material to make her own blouses, she told The Guardian.

Now, the couple's wardrobe has expanded to four full wardrobes with clothes for every season, but it's no longer just Nancy's obsession, Mr. Featherstone has gotten in on the act, too. "If we need a new outfit, we go to the fabric shop together and pick out something we both like," Mrs. Featherstone said.

From there, the story gets much, much creepier. To find out how much they're attached, click here to read the whole story.

[via The Guardian]