Shoe Master Giuseppe Zanotti Speaks About Working With Kanye West

Find out what it's like to collaborate with Lord Yeezus.

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Working with Kanye West is an experience of a lifetime for anyone who has this rare opportunity. Although we imagine it's not the easiest thing to do, you're sure to gain insight into what fuels the man who sends ripples throughout pop culture every time he releases new work, undertakes a new endeavor, or makes an appearance.

Giuseppe Zanotti, who has had his luxury sneakers on the feet of stylish guys and chicks alike, was lucky enough to collaborate with Kanye on a pair of high-heeled sandals for G.O.O.D. Music's Cruel Summer mixtape, and explained the process in an exclusive interview with Jay Z's Life + Times.


But while most think Kanye is at his zenith both artistically and style wise, Zanotti believes that he can improve on what he's doing. "I think he really has great potential," Zanotti said.

Zanotti even noted Kanye's ability to morph the landscape of personal style, and through their collaboration, he became hip to Kanye's point of view. "I enjoyed working with him and observing through his fashion designs the way trends are changing. We all have to follow this wave of change offering new ideas, new incentives to grow," Zanotti said.

As for the shoes themselves, "We both wanted to add something respectively to the cover and to the sandal, bringing a strong message but a harmonious and balanced one at the same time," Giuseppe said.

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