Dwyane Wade Is Lending His Championship Style to The Tie Bar

The Miami Heat star is getting his #menswear on this fall.

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Dwyane Wade has stepped up his style over the past few years, and has quickly become one of the most stylish NBA champions of all time. He's always had a love for menswear, and over the past couple seasons his day-to-day look has been on point and set the bar for his teammates and fellow stars.

At this point, he's made the transition from a style fan to a style expert, and he's loaning his learned-experience to The Tie Bar for a collection of bow ties, neckties, and pocket squares—the perfect accessories for any well-dressed guy looking to complete his dressed-up outfit.

"Style has always been a personal interest of mine," Dwyane Wade said about the collection. "I already own so many bow ties and ties from The Tie Bar so I am excited to step into the designer’s seat and create my own line with them."

Expect the collection to release this November, and, like previous offerings from The Tie Bar, to be something that you can afford and should definitely add in to your rotation.

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