A 14-Year-Old Faces a Year in Jail for Wearing an NRA T-Shirt to School

All stemming from refusing to remove the shirt.

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Is wearing whatever T-shirt you want an inalienable right to U.S. citizens as part of their freedom of speech? Apparently not. A 14-year-old Kentucky middle school student, Jared Marcum, is actually facing legitimate jail time for an incident where he wore an NRA T-shirt to school that said, "Protect your rights." Ironic, right? Guns in schools are no joke, and it's quite understandable that a teacher took offense to Marcum's clothing selection—asking him to remove the shirt or turn it inside-out. However, Marcum refused, and even told the principal the same thing.

This situation escalated and prompted the school's principal to call the police. Once again, Marcum refused, and due to the incident, is now facing a $500 fine and up to a year in jail, Daily Mailreports. We've recently seen saggy jeans banned from a New Jersey boardwalk and rappers outlash over the situation. We can only imagine the the NRA, notorious for causing a stir over any remotely rights-infringing incident, will make a strong case for Marcum—and make a huge stink out of this situation.

But how do you feel? Is a boy who's not even old enough to legally own a firearm allowed to support the Second Amendment? Or is there no place in school for anything remotely gun-related? One thing that's for sure: This case is going to spark much, much controversy. 

[via Daily Mail]

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