Mob of People Rob Nordstrom Los Angeles Store of $100,000 Worth of Items

The video footage of the incident shows the group of people completely ransacking the store.

KTLA 5 News

California police have reported a group of people have ransacked a shopping mall for over $100,000 on Saturday afternoon. 

According to a statement from the Los Angeles Police Department, a group of people walked into Westfield Topanga Shopping Center at around 4 p.m., and stole between $60,000 to $100,000 worth of merchandise from a Nordstrom store. 

“To criminals, it is just property taken,” police said. “To those who live in the area and patronize the Topanga Mall it is a loss of feeling safe.”

Police added, “The LAPD will exhaust all efforts to bring those responsible into custody and seek criminal prosecution.”

Footage from the incident shows the group dressed in all black with ski masks running out of the store with hands full with merchandise, including duffel bags, purses and more.

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The incident comes after another group of people, over 30-40 individuals, robbed the Yves Saint Laurent store at the Americana at Brand Mall in Glendale, California on Tuesday, Aug. 8. Per Deadline, the large group of individuals robbed the store in broad daylight and made off with an estimated $300,000 in YSL merchandise.

According to authorities, the individuals involved—who sported masks and hooded sweatshirts in an attempt to conceal their identities—escaped in as many as 20 vehicles moments after fleeing the store.

“Our community is very protective of this city, and we understand that, but we have to be protective of them,” Sgt. Victor Jackson told KTLA. “We don’t want them to intervene in something like this. This is ultimately a property crime that we’re not going to stand for, but we want them to be safe.”

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