Watch People Get Tasered in Slow-Motion by Their Significant Others in the Name of Art

Brave souls get tasered for the sake of art in this photography project.

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People go through great lengths for the perfect photo. They scale buildings, dodge wild animals, and lock lips with complete strangers all for the sake of art. And in the most recent uncomfortable artistic endeavor, they get tasered.

South Carolina-based photographer Patrick Hall asked his subjects to sit for portraits while they were shocked with handheld tasers by their significant others. Called "The Taser Photoshoot," the project captures the intense pain of being tasered and subsequent relief after the shock, all in hilarious and slow-motion detail.

"As a portrait photographer, I am always trying to make people feel comfortable in front of my camera, so I can capture a real emotion from them," the photographer writes on his website. "But what if I was able to make people feel so uncomfortable in front of the camera that I could guarantee an interesting portrait every time?"

Hall used a Nikon D810 DSLR to shoot the videos, a camera suited for capturing subjects in motion (or jumping from an eclectic shock). The result is a set photos that lets you take immense pleasure in other peoples' pain.

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