Snarkitecture Creates a Marble Pillow for Your Beats by Dre

Snarkitecture and Beats by Dre have collaborated on a set of headphones and pillow to hold them.

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As their name suggests, Snarkitecture likes their designs served with a good sense of humor. For example, they've created a marble pillow that's the perfect resting place for your iPhone, which retailed at $68. Now they're expanding that idea further with a little help from Beats by Dre.

In collaboration with Beats, Snarkitecture is selling a white marble pillow to go along with limited edition Beats headphones. Snarkitecture's product turns the headphones into a work of art, elevating them on a podium designed by artists. For the collab, Beats stripped their headphones down to their purest form to match Snarkitecture's all white aesthetic.

The collaboration will be available on the Beats website June 9 for $600.

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