Justin Bieber May Have Stolen Paramore Fan Art to Promote His New Song "We Were Born for This"

Justin Bieber just released his new song "We Were Born for This," and his choice of promotional art is causing a controversy.

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Even when Justin Bieber is trying to behave, he comes under fire. Earlier today the troublemaking singer dropped his new single "We Were Born for This" by tweeting the song's SoundCloud link with a promotional image, an image that doesn't belong to him.

another free song ?? https://t.co/H3Gtai9L1N

Supposedly pulled from the Tumblr page of a Paramore fan, the image in question is a tribute to the rock band's song "Born for This" from their 2007 album Riot!The fan art uses the same sketchy typography and color scheme as on Paramore's album cover.

Paramore fans were quick to call out Bieber for ripping the fan art, and Under the Gun's Jacob Tender found the original work in a 2011 Tumblr post.

At the same time, Bieber's song is free, so he is not benefiting financially off another person's work. Also, images on Tumblr are not strictly copyrighted. Of course, if he knew he was using someone else's work (which may not be the case), he should've given the artist credit. Bieber just can't catch a break.

UPDATE APRIL 20, 2014 10:41 A.M. ET: Paramore responded to the Bieber controversy last night with a biting sense of humor. The band tweeted, "limited-edition 'Ain't It Fun' singles coming soon!" along with a GIF of the band members that mimics Bieber's cover for Believe. Bieber also removed the image on his SoundCloud profile.

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