Google's New London Office Will Make You Hate Your Workplace, And It's Not Even Built Yet

Check out the insane plans for Google's new space at King's Cross.

Image via AHMM

Google seems to be building an international empire of heavenly office spaces, and the plans for their new London outpost are no exception. Scheduled to open in 2016, the one million-square-foot space is designed by the London-based firm Allford Hall Monaghan Morris (AHMM) and will sit next to King's Cross Station.

The complex, which mixes industrial materials with bold colors, will feature an open-air swimming pool, and indoor soccer filed, a climbing wall, a roof garden, and ramps for bicycles to traverse the building. It seems like Google, who already has a location in London's Covent Garden, is bringing the Bay Area lifestyle to the British city.

“The idea is that the people who are in the building—not the tenant but the actual staff—need to be attracted to the building. They need to like the community of the building,” Simon Allford of AHMM told Quartz about the construction.

Google's new London office will hold 4,500 employees and is currently estimated to cost $1.05 billion.

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