Rita Ora, Naomi Campbell, and Other Celebrities Share Photos of Their Best Kisses to Promote LGBT Equality

On a new app called #FirstSNOG, celebrities have donated images to support LGBT equality.

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Celebrities are getting behind gay rights with a pictures of their best kisses, promoting the idea that people should be able to kiss whoever they want.

As part of a campaign to promote LGBT equality, various celebrities have donated their pictures to the #FirstSNOG app, an initiative created by SNOG Frozen Yogurt and the gay rights group StoneWall in celebration of StoneWall's 25th anniversary.

Russell Brand, Harry Styles, Rita Ora, Florence Welch, Douglas Booth, 3D from Massive Attack, Bobby Gillespie, Boy George, Jack Whitehall, Noel Fielding, Rhys Ifans, Katy B, Nick Grimshaw, Calvin Klein, and Karen Elson all uploaded photos of them making kissing faces using the #FirstSNOG app. They then added playful graphics to their images, which were created by British fashion designer Carri Munden of Cassette Playa. 

In addition, SNOG is also supporting StoneWall through their UK-based stores with a special "StoneWall" frozen yogurt flavor. A donation of £3 can be made to Stonewall by texting ‘SNOG’ to 70300.

To get involved with the campaign, you can also download the #FirstSNOG app here.

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