Barbara Kruger Designs Awesome Sunglasses for Give Good Art

"Your gaze hits the side of my face."

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Barbara Kruger's text-based imagery is once again popping up in the fashion world, but this time with the artist's consent. The conceptual artist has collaborated on a line of L.A. Rays style sunglasses for Alex Israel's company,Freeway Eyewear, and we're trying to hold ourselves back from dropping the necessary $200 for the shades.

Kruger's red and black sunglasses are stamped with the phrase "Your gaze hits the side of my face" in the artist's signature style. This text first appears in her untitled 1981 work across the face of a Classical statue.

The shades go on sale November 1 in Los Angeles at Give Good Art, the online arts platform ForYourArt's travelling pop-up shop, in collaboration with the Hammer Museum's "Arts ReSTORE LA: Westwood" urban renewal project. The proceeds will benefit participating organizations like the Art Production Fund, the Hammer Museum, LACMA, LAXART and the Santa Monica Museum of Art.

Give Good Art will also sell Matt Merkel Hess' "Knee Bowls," which the artist created by shaping clay around his knees and other body parts. Other collaborations on sale will include works from Kenny Scharf and Lisa Sitko. Give Good Art will also act as a roving cultural center events and art activities.

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