BREAKING: Man in Red Hook May Have Found Banksy and His New York Warehouse

His photographs are VERY convincing.

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Two hours ago, @DjJonHenry on Twitter tweeted a picture taken from Banksy's warehouse somewhere in Brooklyn, the street artist's stronghold (or a least where he is holding his trucks) for his month-long New York residency, "Better Out Than In." The location seems to bring the world one step closer to finding out the anonymous street artist's identity.

#banksyny warehouse in bk fixing it up

Gothamistverified that the elusive street artist was using a Red Hook warehouse to store his trucks, including "Sirens of the Lambs" pictured above. @DjJonHenry told Gothamist that he, "walked up and asked the guys a few questions. They didn't wanna talk to me just said they don't know anything. The guy on top was directing the guys what to do...Had an English accent. I frequent the warehouse once a week [and] asked the guys I know there—they said [Banksy's crew] had been there everyday." 

Gothamist's Banksy expert Jake Dobkin doesn't believe that any of the men on top of the truck are in fact Banksy, and their article suggests that the man standing closest to the truck on the left may be the street artist himself, comparing a very blurry blow-up to the alleged photo of Banksy that appeared this summer. @DjJonHenry, however, declares that it was the man on the top of the truck who had a British accent, not the others.

@Gothamist that's def not banksy the guy u think is him is the man I spoke to no English accent there

He offers a close up of the man he suspects is Banksy:

@DjJonHenry is not offering up the location of the warehouse on Twitter, but it is unknown whether this is out of respect for Banksy or because he thinks he can make some money off of the coveted secret.

We expect that this won't keep people from seeking out Banksy's hideout, but while we may be getting close to discovering who he really is, it's not the first time the street artist has slipped through our fingertips. In the end, it may be better that way. If we knew who the real Banksy was, wouldn't it just be like pulling the curtain behind the Wizard of Oz? All his magic would simply disappear.

[via Gothamist]

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