Banksy Fan Criticizes the "Stealing Banksy?" Exhibition With an Illustrated Parody

After Banksy spoke out against an unauthorized exhibition of his work, a fan showed his support of the street artist with this drawing.

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Banksy recently denounced an unauthorized exhibition of his work, titled "Stealing Banksy?" because his stencils were being sold without his permission by The Sincura Group. While the director of the offending organization has expressed his belief that the exhibition is legal, if not "ethically sound," Banksy fans were quick to share the street artist's "disgust."

One talented Banksy supporter sketched a version of Banksy's Sirens of the Lambs truck from his New York residency, a drawing Animal New Yorkfound on a Banksy-focused forum. It pays homage to a similar sketch that Banksy posted on his website this week. Instead of plush toys, the parody truck is hauling Banksy works chipped from walls across the world. The clever piece is something we would expect from the anonymous artist himself.

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[via Animal New York]

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