Hit or Brick? Supreme’s 10 Weirdest Items

From the Supreme Brick to Supreme Oreos, here are the weirdest & most random Supreme clothing and accessories ever released.

Supreme Weirdest Items of All time
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Supreme Weirdest Items of All time

Supreme has undoubtedly established itself as one of the coolest, and most desirable, streetwear brands out today. Its everlasting appeal is why a giant clothing conglomerate like VF Corp. recently purchased the brand for $2.1 billion this month. However, Supreme’s status as a streetwear brand is also why they can practically release anything. Over the years, Supreme has released everything from branded nunchucks to Honda dirt bikes. It’s products like these that have built an obsessive collecting culture around the brand — shouts out to Joe Migraine. 

However, Supreme is well-known for going off the deep end at times. The brand has taken many risks with some of its art collaborations, working with risque artists like the Japanese Hentai pioneer Toshio Maeda or Andres Serrano of “Piss Christ” fame. But even if these are considered odd collaborations, art by nature is weird to anyone who doesn’t understand its meaning. So outside of art collabs, Supreme has released plenty of weird items that either have nothing to do with the brand or are seemingly normal items that are bizarrely fetishized by its diehard fanbase. 

To kick off the final weeks of Supreme’s Fall 2020 season, we compiled this list of the 10 weirdest items Supreme has ever released. 

Supreme Tall Boy Bags

Supreme Skate Tool Pipes

StockX Supreme Skate Key Pipe

Supreme Anatomy Model

Supreme Anatomy Model

Supreme x White Castle

The Supreme Brick

Supreme Brick Weirdest Items of All Time

Supreme Poppy Seeds

Expired Supreme Oreos

Supreme Oreo

Supreme Colgate Toothpaste

Supreme Colgate Toothpaste

Supreme Ballpark Poncho

Supreme Toothpicks

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