That One Time We Had Dinner With Brunello Cucinelli In A Castle


We keep things pretty low key around these parts (although I am writing this from a four star hotel in Istanbul, whilst recklessly heckling gypsies), but that doesn't mean we don't occasionally ride the luxe coattails of our extremely generous and well-off friends from time to time. And while in Florence for Pitti Uomo we did just that thanks to Brunello Cucinelli, who happens to be, if we're feeling super lazy with our descriptions, extremely generous and well-off.

Brunello and his crew have been throwing these dinners bi-annually during Pitti for a while now and they only seem to get bigger and better with each season. Bloggers always say shit like, "This event that I was invited to was THE BEST because I am THE BEST. Don't you wish you were THE BEST like me so you could have gone too? You must feel so honored to be reading about it." Or, "This event that I was invite to was INCREDIBLE because I am INCREDIBLE. Don't you wish you were INCREDIBLE like me so you could have gone too? You must feel so honored to be reading about it." Listen, we're neither the best, nor incredible—we're just really good at tricking people into thinking we are. Honestly, we're always really surprised when our invitations don't get lost in the mail. Which they still do. A lot. Anyway, this INCREDIBLE Brunello dinner we were invited to was THE BEST.

The multicourse extravaganza was held at a castle/fortress/epic stone monstrosity, which began with a perfectly civilized cocktail hour out front (complete with the kind of band who's so classy that they continue to play their classy music while a giant, classy ocean liner sinks), and concluded with a lavish dinner within the confines of the structure's stone walls. There was lots of wine (definitely not the kind that comes out of a box) and slabs of meat the size of Cretaceous Period sauropods. Everything was happening at dusk so we tried our very best to snap some pics for all of you out there living highly prestigious vicarious lifestyles.

Things wrapped pretty late and we might have been maybe-kinda-totally hammered, but it's safe to say it all fell somewhere decidedly in the middle on the INCREDIBLE—THE BEST blogger event recap scale.

All photos by Zeph Colombatto


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