Kanye West Rocks His Céline Blouse Again At Australia's Big Day Out 2012 Festival

Yeezy brings back the famed women's silk blouse.

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Everyone knows about the Céline blouse Kanye West wore to Coachella last year. How could you not? He not only made a huge fashion statement, but also introduced hip-hop to the French fashion label. 

Well it looks like the blouse from the Spring/Summer 2011 Collection may be Yeezy's (un)official festival outfit. Headlining the Big Day Out festival a few days ago, 'Ye rocked the now-famous silk blouse and gold chains. West who is no stranger to fashion risks, looks just as dope in the shirt now as he did last year.

As expected, the blouse sold out instantly and may be hard to get your hands on—unless you have a connect to designer Phoebe Philo.

[images via Rap-Up]

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