Dolce & Gabbana Has Been Slapped with Another Lawsuit

They just can't catch a break

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Designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana just can't catch a break. The two are barely out of their tax evasion charges and they are being sued again. Actor Peter Fonda has launched a lawsuit against D&G over the fashion house's "Easy Rider" T-Shirt inspired by the 1969 film Easy Rider, which Fonda produced, wrote, and acted in.

The tee in question features stills from the movie, which according to Fonda, were used without his blessing. He alleges that he has "suffered injuries to his peace, happiness, feelings, goodwill, reputation, image, loss of fair market value of his services, and dilution of his current and future publicity value," per WWD

Fonda is suing D&G for $6 million in damages, plus punitive damages, legal fees, and any profit from the T-shirt sales. 

Up until yesterday, neither Dolce nor Gabbana had responded to the suit, though the shirts were pulled from the brand's website and Nordstrom, which is also being sued by Fonda. But the Telegraph reported this morning that according to D&G, the label did negotiate with Sony Pictures Consumer Products Inc., the owner of all rights of the Easy Rider images on the aforementioned T-shirts.  

The outspoken Gabbana has yet to tweet anything like he's been doing with the tax evasion suit and D&G's recent protest. But he more than likely will respond in due time, especially if this suit gets more serious. For now, we'll have to wait to see how this will pan out. 

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