Endangered Animals Made Out of Ocean Debris Are a Reminder to Take Care of the Planet

Gilles Cenazandotti's work focuses on the damaging effects humans have on nature.

Image via Gilles Cenazandotti

Corsica-born Gilles Cenazandotti is an artist who focuses on the future of the planet, the survival of the human species, and the dangerous evolution of human behavior patterns. Some of his recent work was inspired by debris he saw washing ashore. He began collecting it and using the trash to build sculptures of endangered animals. Here, the carelessness of human action comes full circle, from the initial act of littering to the endangerment, and often extinction, of certain animals.

“Some people use their skills to clone, automate, and reinvent the wildlife. I imagine animals that come from these clonings, results of our consumption society and the excess of the tie-in products. My purpose is to show this excess, this diversity that fights with the natural element,” the artist says of his work.

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