We Tumblforya: Dimly Lit Meals For One

One blogger posts about his hilarious adventures in learning how to cook for himself.

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The age of Instagram ushered in a fad of food photography that has spread with the force and virility of a horror movie viral plague. “Check out my giant burger from Shake Shack!” gushes your borderline anorexic friend who probably won’t even eat it. “Katz’s has the best pastrami!” says every Jewish person ever. “My adventures in cooking!” captions your friend’s photo of perfectly poached eggs dripping in hollandaise sauce. But seriously, everyone knows she’s been dating a chef. Sometimes these photos induce unstoppable drooling, sometimes they incite envy, but sometimes they’re just sad.

Dimly Lit Meals For One captures this last, often overlooked, category. Specifically devoted to “heartbreaking images of one man’s home cooking gone wrong,” this blog catalogs the hilarious rank and file shitshow that is cooking for oneself on a daily basis, complete with witty, self-deprecating commentary. But hey, at least it might make you feel a tiny bit better about yourself, and your budding culinary abilities.

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