Terry Richardson Forced to Hand Over 142,000 Pictures of Lady Gaga for Court Case

The singer is being sued by a former assistant.

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It looks like Terry Richardson has legal problems stemming from one of his most famous clients. The photographer has been ordered by a federal court judge to hand over 142,000 pictures of Lady Gaga as evidence. The images will be used in a lawsuit as evidence against the singer.

Lady Gaga's former assistant Jennifer O’Neill is suing the singer. O'Neill claims that she spent endless hours working for Lady Gaga but was not compensated. She is seeking $393,000 for over 7,000 hours of alleged unpaid overtime. Because Richardson followed Lady Gaga around her “Monster Ball” tour, O’Neill's lawyers claim the pictures will prove that work.

O’Neill’s lawyers also say Richardson’s pictures reveal that the former assistant had to work 24 hours while Lady Gaga was going across the country. However Richardson tried to fight the subpoena, claiming the pictures didn't have anything to do with the case and felt the measure was harassment. But the judge felt differently and said the photographer “hasn’t demonstrated to [the court] that there is any significant burden in producing the photographs,” according to the New York Daily News.


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