Images of Perrier Mineral Water's Collaboration with Andy Warhol Are Finally Here

There is no better way for a company to celebrate 150 years.

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As we told you before, Perrier Sparkling Mineral Water is honoring Andy Warhol with a new series of limited-edition bottles dedicated to his works. Victoria Beckham did the world a favor by posting a picture of the bottle on Instagram. Well, official images are now available of the unique collabo.

30 years after Andy Warhol produced more than 40 screen prints of the Perrier bottle, the brand has decided to pay tribute to the legendary artist. His art appears on four different labels that also include famous Warhol quotes like: “In the future everyone will be world famous for fifteen minutes," "Art is what you can get away with,” and “I have Social Disease. I have to go out every night.” The line will be available from June 24.

Perrier celebrates its 150th anniversary this year and decided to commemorate the occasion with the label dedication. “Warhol’s creativity and eccentricity are a great fit with Perrier’s brand personality so this was a natural way to bring the two together,” International Brands Group Marketing Manager Gauthier Gay said. “Perrier has a long tradition of involvement in the arts so this is a fitting tribute in celebration of our 150th anniversary.”

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