Kids in Beijing Miss Florentijn Hofman's Giant Inflatable Duck So Much That They've Made Their Own

Can you blame them?


We all loved the inflatable duck that hit Hong Kong last month. There's something about a large-scale rubber ducky that makes everyone instantly happy. The sculpture managed to attract a staggering 8 million tourists with its charm and caused widespread uproar when it was found deflated. However Mr. Ducky is in great shape now and scheduled to appear in Beijing in September (apparently during the same month it is to appear in Pittsburgh), but locals in the city are already going nuts.

To show their excitement, children in Beijing have been placing many smaller replicas of the duck in a park, hoping to attract the larger duck to the area. Over 30 yellow duck dolls have been scattered across boats and promenades in Shichahai park since Tuesday.

Last month a Chinese government paper published a heated article over the many copycat duck installations. Apparently property developers made similar ducks to attract the attention of buyers. The paper said the imitations "will ruin our creativity and our future and lead to the loss of imagination eventually."

However Beijing locals DGAF about the paper's warnings, doing whatever they can to bring the sculpture nearby. "We wish so eagerly for the genuine duck to come. I'm sure it will bring a lot of happiness to the city," said one woman who was at the park.


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