A Woman Dies After Getting Her Fourth Illegal Butt Injection

A Dallas woman dies after getting butt injections at a salon.

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Wykesha Reid was a 34-year-old mother who became obsessed with enhancing her butt. So much so that she resorted to black-market injections offered at Deep Ellum, a Dallas-based salon that provided cheap and incredibly dangerous procedures to help women get a bigger ass.

But like many illegal butt enhancements, Reid’s ended in tragedy.

On Feb. 18, she returned to the salon for a fourth injection, despite warnings from loved-ones who insisted her butt was getting too big. At 7 the next morning, police discovered Reid’s lifeless body at the business, which had been cleaned out. Reid’s cellphone and purse were also missing.

Last week, Dallas police issued arrest warrants for the salon owners, Denise Ross, 43, and Jimmy Clarke, a.k.a Alicia, 31. Law officials say they’re searching for the two on charges of practicing medicine without a license.

The Dallas News spoke to ex-clients of Deep Ellum, who say it was a well-known facility for quick butt enhancements. They say patrons' buttocks would be injected with hydrogel then sealed with super glue. The visits would last anywhere between 15 to 45 minutes and would cost between $300 and $500, sources say.

“I want to see them on trial for murder,” Reid’s 20-year-old daughter, Keaira Reid, told the Dallas News. “I’m very mad because anybody could have called 911.”

The death comes after a police complaint filed by a 27-year-old dancer who had visited the salon for injections in early February. Following the procedure, she claimed she endured agonizing pain as well as psychological problems.

Police are currently searching for Ross and Clarke. The two have yet to be charged in Reid’s death as the toxicology reports are still incomplete.

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