Warby Parker and Ghostly International Reunite for Another Pair of Killer Frames

Warby Parker reunites with Ghostly International to create a new eyewear frame called Henning.

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In 2013, Warby Parker linked up with record label Ghostly International to create a sick, smooth-lined eyewear frame called the Curtis. Two years later, they've reunited for another design collaboration, which is expected to be as big of hit as the first. They’re calling it the Henning.

Featuring standout details like wrap-around temples as well as a cut-out keyhole bridge, these frames are as durable as they are good-looking. They're made from matte premium acetate and Japanese titanium, and were intended to epitomize quality, character, and a sense of purpose—ideals that each side of the collaboration holds close to its heart.

In celebration of the release, Warby Parker and Ghostly tapped three visionaries to provide an in-depth look at how they’ve mastered their craft and continue to do so. The participants are designer Shawna X, DJ/musician Justin Carter, as well as Ghostly’s founder Sam Valenti IV.

The Henning, available in optical and sunglass iterations, will drop at Warby Paker’s online store and Ghostly International’s online store today. Each purchase will come with a custom lens cloth designed by artist Matthew Shlian of Ghostly.


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